Suzuki Vitara Long Run Test: Part 2


But the main thing is that there should still be roads, because there’s practically nothing to catch Vitara outside. Ground clearance, like the Lada Vesta, short suspension moves, horseback character of the engine. The maximum that Suzuki can handle is the same snowy courtyard and a broken primer. On the other hand, do you really need more?

In a word, choosing Vitara is still a matter of the heart, not the mind. Absolutely all competitors in this class are noticeably cheaper, and with a budget of 1.7 million rubles, you can also look at Class C crossovers. Not surprising, because most of the leaders in this segment are assembled in the EAEU, and Vitara is imported. How can one not recall that in the golden years of the oil boom of the 2000s, Suzuki was planning to build a plant near St. Petersburg. Who knows, maybe if Vitara and SX4 would gather in the Leningrad region, maybe they, and not Creta with Kaptur, would be among the leaders in the B-crossover segment.

Expensive, even more expensive

But for now, with such prices, Suzuki is doomed to be a niche car. Even the cheapest crossover in the basic GL with 1.6, front-wheel drive and mechanics costs 1,249,000 rubles. For the machine you will have to pay immediately 100,000 rubles. More expensive equipment GL + costs already 1,489,000 rubles. For all-wheel drive Vitara, the GL + version is the starting one. They ask for such a car, even with mechanics, significant 1,529,000 rubles. Want a combination of all-wheel drive and automatic? Pay 1,589,000 rub. At the top of the Vitara 1.6 hierarchy is the GLX trim for 1,719,000 rubles. And, frankly, it’s not worth overpaying for it.

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