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Muscovites released their first truck back in November 1930. The following month, by a resolution of the All-Union Automobile and Tractor Association, the newly-minted enterprise was called the “State Automobile Assembly Plant named after the Communist International of Youth”, abbreviated KIM.

There was a war tomorrow

“To meet the needs of workers, the government decided to organize the production of small cars, having launched their mass production since 1940. Having received a car for personal use, any citizen at the right time can become a driver and a cool driver, and not only a transport vehicle, but also a combat vehicle, which is especially important in the event of a war against fascist fanatics ”- this quote from an article published in 15 -th issue of the magazine “Behind the Wheel” for 1939, signed by the head of the automotive department of NATI Fomin.

By that time, the People’s Commissariat for Medium Machine Building had already issued a decree on the withdrawal of the KIM automobile assembly plant in Moscow from GAZ and its re-designing for the production of small cars. It was a compact model KIM-10. And Ford again became the basis for it, though this time it was not American, but the more compact British Prefect 1938 model year. Despite the freshness and relevance of a foreign sample, its appearance with headlights mounted on the wings seemed old-fashioned to Soviet specialists, so it was decided to finish the body on its own. For finished mock-ups, the Americans ordered snap-ins. Work on the engine and chassis was entrusted to NATI engineers led by Andrey Ostrovtsov.

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