Sony will not produce cars


New details have emerged regarding the first Sony Vision-S electric car presented at the CES-2020 Consumer Electronics Show. The head of the Vision-S project, Izumi Kavanishi, said that Sony did not intend to become a carmaker, and the show car was just a demonstration of the company’s capabilities.

In a conversation with Impress Watch, Cavanishi explained that Vision-S implements “future-proof Sony technologies,” for example, an autopilot with 33 sensors and 360 Reality Audio with surround sound and speakers built into the seats. The top manager drew an analogy with smartphones, which became a revolution in the field of mobile communications – a similar thing will happen soon in the automotive market, according to Sony.

The electric car debuted at CES-2020 was developed jointly with NVidia, Continental, Bosch, ZF, Qualcomm and Blackberry. It is built on the Magna Steyr platform and is equipped with an electric power plant. It consisted of two electric motors, the return of each is 268 horsepower. The declared acceleration time to “hundreds” is 4.8 seconds, and the maximum speed is 240 kilometers per hour.

Apparently, the concept is destined to remain only a concept – such a car will not appear on the roads. However, the Sony Vision-S could well have become part of the Gran Turismo Sport, but this is only an assumption, not supported by facts.

Source: Impress Watch

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