Some car owners may be exempted from vehicle tax & nbsp


In Russia, owners of electric vehicles are offered to be exempted from paying transport tax, as well as being allowed to move for free along toll roads and allocated lanes on city highways, Izvestia reports. Potential innovations are discussed in the government of the Russian Federation.
According to the publication, members of the government commission, which includes experts from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Transport and other departments, are discussing a schedule for stimulating curled electric transport in the country for 2020. One of the effective measures in the draft document is the provision of benefits to electric car owners.
Thus, it is proposed that electric car owners be allowed to ride on the lanes allocated for public transport on city highways, exempt them from paying transport tax, and also allow them to ride on toll roads for free and park without payment in places equipped with chargers.
Earlier, according to Rambler, the State Duma deputies considered the possibility of introducing monetary compensation to the Russians who bought the electric car. Thus, the deputies for their part proposed a way to stimulate an increase in demand for environmentally friendly transport.
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