Slow drivers cause many accidents


24 Dec 2019

The British Ministry of Transport reports that over the past five years, the number of people who died or were seriously injured as a result of an accident due to driving too slowly increased by 75 percent

It is curious that the founder of the alliance of British drivers Hugh Bladon agrees with the opinion of scientists that slow drivers are no less dangerous on the road than reckless drivers. In his opinion, such a driving style annoys others, collects “tails” from other drivers and forces them to overtake, the most dangerous maneuver on the road.

Slow riding, according to Bladon, “is selfish and completely stupid, and even leads to disaster.” But at the same time, the representative of the alliance understands that some drivers drive slowly because they do not have enough experience and self-confidence. As Bladon admitted, something can hardly be done with this.

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