Skoda showed the first images Octavia iV RS 2020


The debut date of the new Octavia RS 2020 is getting closer and Skoda decided, as usual, to slightly warm up the audience with regular sketches. The car will be officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show on March 3, 2020. It will be equipped with a hybrid power plant with a plug-in module, and its power will be 245 hp.

Well, today, Skoda presented us with three design sketches depicting both the liftback and the more practical station wagon. As usual, some lines are exaggerated to make the Octavia RS iV look even brighter than it actually is. Nevertheless, the usual model is already popular among small compact cars, and the Rally Sport modification will make the hybrid car even more attractive.

Adhering to tradition, the new Octavia RS will use a horizontal LED strip of daytime running lights to separate it from weaker trim levels. The front bumper with large side air intakes and a lower grille also has a familiar appearance, and the new design vRS logo, first introduced on the Kodiaq RS, traditionally adorns the grille.

If you look at the side profile of the car, it goes without saying that those wheels that barely fit into the wheel arches will not be so big in fact. The images show the difference in the mirrors between the two versions: on the station wagon they are black, and on the liftback they are painted in body color. Most likely, this is due to the fact that Combi has an optional black optics, as the front also has some dark accents.

Double exhaust tips indicate that this car is more than ordinary Skoda Octavia. The chunky liftback spoiler is another hallmark of a high-powered car. As seen from the previous teaser, the RS logo will be moved from the lower right corner to the left, and the brand icon, like on all new brand models, will be replaced with capital letters “SKODA”. Hints at the RS version and a wide red reflector.

The Czechs have not yet revealed the layout of the cabin, however, in the images you can see wide front seats with aggressive lateral support. The mystery remains the presence of all-wheel drive in the diesel modification, as in the previous generation. But, I also want to note that in this generation it would be nice to finally see all-wheel drive for a gasoline engine. We can only wait for March, when we can enjoy the full list of features and capabilities of the new Octavia iV RS 2020.