Sales of hybrid Honda CR-V in Ukraine start in 2020 2020 rock


Appearance Honda CR-V Hybrid – a sign of the European Honda company, a further hybrid crossover brand with an advanced hybrid Multi Mode Drive (i-MMD) system, which is available in Ukraine, including.

On the other hand, the new Honda CR-V Hybrid with an i-MMD system equipped with a drive electric motor, a second-hand car, and an additional electric motor – a “generator”, a kind of electric car for a certain electrician. Also, a gasoline engine through a motor-generator is charged with a high-voltage battery. Thus, the essence of a hybrid hybrid CR-V boom is that a 2.0-liter petrol engine is best for everything for power generation, and there is no need for more cars at high speeds. In addition, on a day-by-day basis, I won’t need to charge any other third-party elements, please wait a minute on board my “power generator” for electric power generation.

The unique Honda i-MMD system automatically and automatically switches between three modes so that you can keep the maximum performance effective for an hour, do not have any time.
Electric drive – electric mode, de-lithium-ion battery without any delay on the electric motor. The car is driven in an electric drive.
Hybrid drive – Hybrid mode, de DVZ (internal motor drive) drive the electric motor generator, which, in its own way, connects to the electric motor and charges the battery. The car is driven in an electric drive.
Engine drive – DVZ mode, in which a dvigun pidlyklyuchatsya seamlessly to the ring through a znudnuvalnuyu clutch. The car is driven in the DVH.
Heads of the i-MMD system the new CR-V has become the most efficient hybrid in its own class from the point of view of the traditional living of the gulf and the cinnamon energy.

The CR-V Hybrid has the highest level of technology, environmental, vitality, flexibility and room for greater comfort, better performance and earlier.

The car will be available as a complete set of Executive in monotonous versatile variant. Orіntovna vartіst 41 990 $ that 44 490 $ відповідно.