The vehicle registration rules until July 2017 forbade registering cars with unreadable rusty VIN-numbers. Then, vehicles “with a changed marking of vehicles and license plates as a result of normal wear and tear, corrosion, repair or returned to the owners or owners after theft, subject to their identification” were allowed to register. Now the authorities decided to clarify by a separate decree that such vehicles will need additional – the so-called “police” – marking.




The document was signed by the head of the Cabinet, Dmitry Medvedev: this resolution lists the requirements for “additional marking of the vehicle and the procedure for applying it.” According to “Businessman“, The police marking was introduced by the amendment to the law” On state registration of vehicles “: it will enter into force in less than a couple of weeks – from January 1, 2020.

The innovation will apply to cases when the traffic police during the inspection of the car (for example, during registration), find that the factory identification numbers on the body or frame can not be read. Possible causes include corrosion, repairs, and even fakes. In order to register such a vehicle, the car owner will have to apply a duplicate VIN code at his own expense. According to the publication, about 8-10 thousand cars with unreadable identification numbers arrive in the traffic police units for the year.

The procedure will be as follows. After law enforcement officers find unreadable VIN codes, the “fixed parts” of the car, that is, the body, frame, etc., are marked with special tags, seals or seals — they are needed to prevent fraud. After that, the documents for the car will be sent to the police department, and the car itself – to the forensic center. If everything is legal, and you can set the serial number of the frame and engine, the car owner will need to put an additional marking – the police.

To do this, he will have to contact a certification body or an accredited testing laboratory (in the country there are a total of about a hundred of them). He can also go to any vehicle manufacturer. The main condition for the organization is the presence of an automatic marker. An additional identification number will be printed on the frame or part of the body in a “readily accessible place.” Among the requirements: no spaces between signs, the height of the characters must be at least 7 mm (for motorcycles – at least 4 mm).

After applying the police marking, the owner will need to make changes to the vehicle passport (PTS) and obtain a new vehicle registration certificate (STS) from the STSI.

The document has already been signed and is about to enter into force, but there is no clarity as to the price of this service. According to the publication, for additional marking, you probably have to pay 5-10 thousand rubles. According to car registration expert Boris Ionov, it would be more convenient and faster if forensic experts applied it. He added that there are more forensic centers in the Russian Federation than testing laboratories and manufacturing plants. However, in this case, the centers will have to purchase the necessary equipment (the cost of the marker is 300-400 thousand rubles), and given that the demand for this service will most likely not be very high, they are unlikely to want to spend money.