Russian cars will teach how to communicate with each other


17 Dec 2019

A smart mobility service is being prepared in Skolkovo. They plan to introduce it in March, and it should be fully operational during 2020.

The technology that allows cars to exchange data between themselves and road infrastructure objects (V2X), in particular, traffic lights, will be introduced in Skolkovo in 2020, Yaroslav Fedoseyev, official representative of the NTI Avtonet and TASS spokesman, told TASS. It is assumed that with the help of such a system, drivers will be able to pre-book online a parking space or a place for charging an electric car, remotely queue for a car wash.

The service is created within the framework of the Avtodata platform, which forms an array of big data in the automotive sphere. By 2025, millions of gigabytes of information should be collected in its database. The single platform will integrate number recognition systems, photo and video recordings, dispatching of electric charging stations and bus trips, car washes and a digital road map.

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