Rosstandart listed gas stations with low-quality fuel in the Urals & nbsp


Rosstandart unveiled a list of gas stations that sell low-quality gasoline. In total, the list included 157 gas stations. As noted in the department, among the most common violations is a mismatch with the declared octane number and an increased sulfur content in gasoline and diesel fuel.
After checking in the Urals Federal District, it turned out that low-quality gasoline and diesel fuel are most sold in the Kurgan region: 250 km of the Irtysh highway, the intersection of Kurgan-Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk-Omsk, Kurtamyshsky district, Kurtamysh, Constitution Avenue, 7A, Kurgan, st. Yastrzhembskogo, 41A, p. 21, Mishkinsky district, 169 km of the R-254 Irtysh highway, Shadrinsk, ul. Sverdlova, 137, p. Gravel, Ketovsky district, s. Beams of LLC Grand, highway R-254 Irtysh 266 km of LLC Grand, s. Vvedenskoye, 250 km highway “Baikal” LLC “gas station-Retail”, Kurgan, st. K. Myagotina, d. 4 LLC “Supply”.
A lot of gas stations with low-quality fuel in the Sverdlovsk region: Nevyansk district, the village of Cement, School Street, building 4 A, Novouralsk, district of the 2nd industrial site of LLC NAVIGATOR, Irbit, ul. Sovetskaya, 106 LLC “Selena”, Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Baltymskoye Shosse, 1/1 LLC “URALELECTROMONTAZH”, Alapaevsk, ul. Club, 61A, 302 km of the M-53 Baikal highway.
In the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, low-quality fuel was found at five gas stations: Yugorsk, ul. Mira, 77, p. Berezovo, st. Schmidta, 1, LLC Nefteproduktservis, Nefteyugansk, Eastern zone, bush area 79a LLC PetrolStart, Surgut, ul. 30 years of Victory, 66b Yugansknefteprodukt LLC, Nefteyugansk, massif 01, block 01.
Tyumen also has a lot of gas stations. supplying motorists with poor quality gasoline: Tyumen, 13 km. District road, 4 LLC “Oil and gas company CLASS!”, St. Fedyuninsky, 61; st. 11 km of the Ring Road, page 1. MUE “Berezovonefteprodukt”. In the Perm Territory, low-quality gasoline was discovered in Krasnokamsk for 6 km of the Overyata-Striapunyat highway.
Crimea and Sevastopol, as well as Dagestan became the leader in the sale of low-quality fuel. A complete list of gas stations can be found here. The agency advises to avoid refueling with low-quality fuel in order to reduce the risk of vehicle breakdown and reduce its negative impact on the environment.
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