Retired racer redid an old Ford pickup truck to drive backwards


During his racing career at IndyCar, Davy Hamilton did not achieve any noticeable successes, and after a severe accident in Texas in 2001, Hamilton underwent many operations on his legs and spent a year in a wheelchair. After rehabilitation, a native of Nampa, Idaho, tried to return to the race, but again did not achieve victories. However, failures in motorsport did not kill his love of cars, and now Hamilton is spending time in the garage, practicing in the design.

His old 1952 Ford F-Series pickup truck became the hero of the Barcroft Cars YouTube channel dedicated to exotic cars. With its rather ordinary and battered appearance, the Hamilton pickup is really unique. The fact is that the seats and controls in it are installed backwards, and reverse is the main one. When Hamilton accelerates at his creation to decent speeds (the “maximum speed” is 137 km / h), the downstream neighbors, pedestrians, cyclists and other eyewitnesses fall into a stupor, since such a “pepelats” is not provided for in the map of reality drawn by their brains .

The engine of this pickup is located in the back, that is, it is rotated 180 degrees. The rear wheels are steered and the front wheels are driven. A radiator is mounted in the rear wall of the body, and a protrusion for the pedal assembly is docked to the front. The rear window had to be equipped with wipers. The narrow instrument panel is completely original. Landing “vice versa” in the cockpit, despite all the improvements, came out tight, and visibility forward due to the thick rear pillars leaves much to be desired. Nevertheless, Hamilton enjoys riding his outlandish pickup truck and enjoys the attention of others, which he apparently did not have enough in his young years.

By the way, the car passed inspection without any problems, because the rules do not indicate in which direction the units and assemblies should be installed, so that Hamilton quietly dissects on his public pick-up on his miracle pickup. In Russia, of course, such a number would not have passed.


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