Renault starts electrifying budget models


10 Jan 2020

Models of the Romanian “daughter” of Renault, Dacia, will be transferred to electric traction in two to three years

Renault’s Dacia sub-brand plans to introduce electrified versions of its popular models until 2023. According to brand manager Philippe Bureau, by this time the cost of electrical components will decline, which will allow Dacia to offer hybrids at competitive prices.

Moderate and rechargeable Dacia hybrids will “inherit” Renault’s electrified technology. Philip Bureau emphasized that the transition to gas-electric power plants should not scare away the target audience of the brand, so at least twenty percent price difference will remain between the Dacia and Renault models. Interestingly, the top manager of Dacia believes that the electrification of budget models is inevitable, however, it is the current appreciation of hybrid models that postpones the electrification procedure for years.

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