Porsche Macan will lose gasoline engines


Porsche executives plan to turn the Macan into an all-electric model. According to Car and Driver, citing its own source in the company’s management, in the next few years, gasoline engines will disappear from the crossover model line. According to the publication, the decision to transfer to electric traction its most popular model was made by the company amid growing demand for electric cars. Petrol “Macans” will be available for several more years. Until 2024, they plan to sell them in parallel with the electric modification, which will enter the market next year. According to another source, this can happen either earlier or later. Everything will depend on the demand and the pace of development of battery technology.

Last year, the Porsche Macan survived facelift, but it is expected that the next generation will debut in 2021 and will be electric. According to preliminary information, both crossovers will differ from each other externally. This decision will allow buyers not to confuse them. If the electric version of the crossover becomes more popular, then the modification with the traditional ICE will go down in history by 2024.