Porsche 911 will turn into a 700-strong rally hybrid


Vonnen motorists will supplement the 3.8-liter Porsche 911 Turbo S with an electric motor, so that the total output of the resulting power plant will increase by about 150 horsepower, exceeding the mark of 700 forces. Hybridization will increase the mass of the sports car by only 68 kilograms, and according to the creators, it will significantly improve the response to the accelerator pedal. The specific dynamic characteristics of the electrified 911 Vonnen does not.

Judging by the sketches of the finished sports car, Kelly-Moss Road and Race experts expect to increase the ground clearance of “nine hundred and eleven” and establish rally wheels. Probably not without strengthening the chassis. In addition, Porsche will receive a protective frame in front of the front bumper, additional lighting and a “racing” livery.


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