Polestar cars will have more “clean” materials


12 Feb 2020

Polestar will start using recycled products and plant-based materials for car interiors. They will significantly reduce the weight of machines, partially abandon polymers and reduce the carbon footprint in the production process

The Swedish company says that the next step towards reducing harmful emissions will be to increase the use of recyclables and natural components in car interiors. It was proposed to replace plastic panels with Bcomp composites based on flax fibers, and seat upholstery should be made from threads obtained after processing PET bottles. The interior elements created from them are 50 percent lighter than usual, and they also contain 80 percent less polymers.

Wines and fish industry waste will also become a source of eco-materials: a cork tree mixed with polyvinyl chloride will turn into a biocomposite for decorative panels of the cabin, and old fishing nets – into nylon rugs.

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