Pininfarina Launches Innovative Water-Cooled Helmet

Pininfarina is going to bring seven versions of new helmets to the market, differing in the level of certification and production materials. So far, there are two options with the maximum degree of protection: one is designed for racing “formula” championships with open wheels and meets the most stringent safety standards FIA 8860 (2018) and Advanced Ballistic Protection (ABP), the other is designed for pilots on cars with closed cockpits and can apply in Gran Turismo class championships.

The developers of the water-cooled helmet emphasize that the new technology will create comfortable conditions for riders and reduce the load on the head, which will allow athletes to focus on piloting. In addition, the new line of helmets can be equipped with a built-in drinking water supply pipe, as well as an audio system with a microphone and speakers with noise reduction.

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