“Penalized” threshold, increased fines and discounts: disputes above continue


For a year now, authorities have been discussing the possibility of reducing the “non-fined” threshold for speeding: they initially spoke about this in the Moscow deptrans in early December 2018. After that, during the current year, relevant departments expressed their proposals. Now, a plan has been developed (but not yet approved!) To tighten speed control in Russia. This document was prepared by the government traffic safety commission.




Now there is a rule throughout the country according to which drivers are not punished for exceeding the limit of 20 km / h per hour (except for sections where a limit of 20 km / h or less is established, since this is another violation of traffic rules – exceeding 2 or more times). This norm was introduced in 2013 due to the increased number of cameras with a high error. The current systems for recording violations work more accurately, so there was a proposal either to return to the old norm (punishment for exceeding 10 km / h), or even start to fine for exceeding 3 km / h (according to the head of the capital deptrans, the current cameras have this error).

Judging by the words of Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov, in the near future the authorities will prepare a bill that will allow the experiment to be carried out: it will give regional authorities the right to independently impose fines for exceeding the speed limit by 10 km / h. Presumably, cities of federal significance or the capital of the regions will fall under this experiment. According to “Businessman”, The first such region may be Moscow. The traffic police and the Ministry of Transport are planning to discuss the nuances of the test period in the first quarter of 2020.

In addition, existing fines for speeding can still grow. About the corresponding changes in the traffic police spoke in the spring. Then it was suggested that for excess of 20-40 km / h punish drivers with a penalty of 3 thousand rubles (instead of the current 500 rubles); at 40-60 km / h – 4 thousand rubles (now 1-1.5 thousand rubles). The penalty for repeated violations may also increase to 10 thousand rubles. (today the highest level is 5 thousand rubles). Discussion of this issue is scheduled for the same first quarter of next year. By the way, earlier it was reported about the possible introduction of a penalty of 1.5 thousand rubles for those who exceeded the speed by 10-20 km / h. However, we note that such a change in the “tariff grid” of fines will lead to the fact that penalties for other traffic violations will be tightened.

Another initiative is the deprivation of the right to a 50 percent discount for paying fines for those who often ignore the rules of conduct on the road. According to the publication, the city authorities plan to establish such a threshold at the level of 30 violations per year. Legislators also plan to discuss this idea in more detail next year.

According to the first deputy chairman of the State Duma committee on state building Vyacheslav Lysakov, it is impossible to give the right to individual regions to reduce the “non-fined” speed threshold: as a result, motorists will get confused when crossing the borders of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

In early December of this year, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that they would not introduce a fine for exceeding the allowed speed by 10-20 km / h. Apparently, Maxim Akimov plans to convince the head of the Cabinet that it is still necessary to lower the “non-fine” threshold. Recall that in the Russian Federation they still do not abandon the plan to reduce the death rate in accidents by 2024 to 4 (the number of deaths in accidents per 100 thousand people). Now this indicator is 11.6, that is, mortality in accidents should be reduced by 2.9 times.


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