Opel in Ukraine: successful “reboot” in 2019, new plans for 2020


Since the beginning of 2019, the representative office of PSA has become the official importer of Opel in Ukraine, which allowed for a successful “restart” of the Brand. So, during 2019, almost 400 cars were sold in Ukraine, sales growth of + 75% compared to 2018 figures. The plans for 2020 are even larger: an increase in sales, the debut of new Opel Corsa and Opel Combo Life models, the launch of a full line of commercial vehicles on the market, and further development of the dealer network.

Results of 2019: successful “reset” of Opel Brand

Reloading Opel in Ukraine: growth faster than the market

Starting in January 2019, Opel in Ukraine received a new importer – represented by the representative office of the PSA Group. This allowed Opel to restart in Ukraine: an updated model line was formed, new Brenda dealers began to work, new services were offered to customers. These efforts have brought results: sales of Opel cars in Ukraine have grown significantly – in 2019, about 400 cars were sold, which is 75% more than was sold in 2018. This show is almost six times faster than the general market growth (throughout 2019, 97.6 thousand cars were sold in Ukraine, sales growth of 12.7% compared to 2018). In fact, Opel has shown record sales growth among European, Japanese, Korean mass brands. Consider the key factors that have achieved this success.

Successful model line: two crossovers, two cars

The first paragraph should highlight a well-formed model line of cars: two crossovers and two cars. Moreover, all models hit the “bull’s-eye” of their class in terms of affordable engines and transmissions, equipment and configuration, asking price.

The Opel Grandland X crossover, which belongs to the C-SUV segment, has become Brand’s bestseller – 129 cars have been sold. Buyers choose a car for a spacious interior, high-quality finish, a high level of equipment, an economical diesel engine, a classic 8-art. Automatic transmission.

The second most popular model was the Opel Astra C-Class sedan, which was preferred by 122 customers. In this case, customers are guided by the German brand, a powerful gasoline turbo engine, soft and energy-intensive suspension, a large trunk – and all this is available at an extremely attractive price.

In third place is the Opel Crossland X crossover with a sales result of 86 units. This car allowed Brand to enter the extremely popular B-SUV segment, where buyers want compact dimensions, convenient maneuvers in a cramped city, modern equipment for comfort, an economical engine, and a favorable price.

Finally, the business model of the Opel Insignia Grand Sport is implemented in the amount of 26 cars, which allowed to take its place in the E-class. Responding to the status of the flagship of the Brand, the Opel Insignia model offered powerful gasoline and diesel engines, front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, a spacious interior and a large trunk, advanced equipment (adaptive cruise control, seats with back massage, LED matrix lights).

New Opel dealer network with coverage throughout Ukraine

First of all, the Opel dealer network underwent a reboot: new and existing dealerships had to go through a rigorous selection process, during which they had to confirm their compliance with the high quality standards of the Brand and update their external and internal identities.

In general, according to the results of 2019, the Opel network in Ukraine has nine dealers: Kiev (3 pcs.), Dnipro, Lviv, Zaporozhye, Poltava, Kharkov, Khmelnitsky. Plus four service partners with whom the client can undergo service without loss of warranty – in Kiev (2 pcs.), Ivano-Frankivsk and Zhytomyr. Thus, the updated dealer network now covers almost all key cities, regions and regions of Ukraine.

Optional: extended warranty and fixed maintenance costs

In addition to the two main areas of development – the model range and the dealer network – the Brand also went through a “reset” of related services. After all, an understandable service program and an extended warranty can be the last item that affects the final decision on choosing and buying a car. Opel has all this in Ukraine.

Since the beginning of 2019, an increased warranty has been applied to Opel cars – three years or 100 thousand kilometers (whichever comes first). The increased warranty emphasizes the confidence of the manufacturer in the quality of their product – which translates into the confidence of the customer choosing a reliable German Brand.

Also for Opel cars the “Fixed price maintenance” service program is offered. From now on, every new Opel buyer and an existing car owner can calculate their costs for car maintenance in advance. Moreover, the price of maintenance is fixed at different dealers within the same region. The price depends on the model, type of engine, the volume of work performed – but not on the choice of dealer. Be sure not only of the high quality of service at authorized service stations – but also of the most transparent and favorable pricing for the service.

Future Opel in Ukraine during 2020

The Opel brand continues to increase its presence in Ukraine thanks to the launch of new models, an updated commercial line of cars, expansion of the dealer network and service partners. So, during 2020, the range of Opel cars in Ukraine will replenish with two new models at once: the sixth generation of the legendary Opel Corsa hatchback, which will become the smallest Brand car presented in our country, and the minivan for the large Opel Combo Life family – in addition to the usual 5- local version, in the range will be presented and 7-seater version of the car. In addition, it is worth mentioning that both models have already won the title of “Best Car Purchase in Europe” according to the AUTOBEST international award in 2019 and 2020. Now it is the turn of Ukrainian buyers to make the right choice and become the owner of a reliable German car.

Also, in Ukraine, the full line of Opel commercial vehicles will be launched, which includes four models – of different sizes, carrying capacities, prices: Opel Combo Cargo, Opel Zafira Life, Opel Vivaro, Opel Movano. Each of these cars will be able to offer customers a choice of several versions and engine types – everything to meet individual customer needs.

The dealer network of Brenda will continue its active development throughout 2020. The goal of Opel in Ukraine is to be present in every region of the country, covering all major cities. It should be noted that all new dealers will be sure to adhere to the high standards of quality of the Brand in matters of presentation and sales of automobiles, after-sales service and maintenance of warranty obligations. Such an approach will attract a maximum of customers to the Brand who will be sure: “Opel is reliable.”

As a result: we can state the fact that during 2019 the “reboot” of Opel in Ukraine took place successfully; however, this is only the beginning and 2020 prepared a lot of interesting things – both in matters of presenting the brand’s new products, and in matters of further development of the dealer network.