“Niva” knee-deep: the lowest VAZ 2121 can go and drift


The fashion for understating cars came to us from the USA, where the so-called “low riders” installed air suspension on their cars, due to which it was possible to lower the body almost to the ground, and if necessary, raise it to the desired height. Owners of cars with air suspension did not experience any inconvenience. However, the purchase and installation of such equipment is quite a costly procedure, and our people have found the perfect way to reduce the cost of this tuning.

Admirers of the style of understated cars simply cut the springs, so that the body falls to the ground and scratches on it, depriving the driver of all the possibilities at least somewhere to call. But our heroes today went even further. They did not just lower the Niva, they cut off the lower half of the body. The wheels remaining in their places rose into the passenger compartment and into the engine compartment, however, this did not affect the speed in any way. The only inconvenience was that the SUV lost a regular eversion, due to the fact that the front wheels rest on the wings from the inside. But the engineers did not dare to expand the arches, because, in their opinion, this will seriously affect the appearance of the machine.

The main goal of the project was to create the appearance of the car, as if it were stuck in textures. Well, no doubt, the idea of ​​the authors of the iling show channel on Youtube was a success. In their video, they not only talked about all the nuances of building the project, but also showed the VAZ 2121 in action, which is even able to drift in the parking lot.