New Skoda Rapid: now in the form of a sedan with almost the same interior


Our transformed Rapid Czech brand declassified one and a half weeks ago. Despite the change of design, the Russian version retained the PQ25 platform, that is, this is not a full second generation, but a deep modernization. In the same way, Skoda did the same with the Chinese Rapid: the look of “their” version is new, but the “cart” is the same – the same as that of the model for the Russian Federation. Moreover, inside the “celestial” state employee has changed much more modestly than a machine designed for Russia. Recall that we produce Rapid in the body “liftback”, its production is established in Kaluga. In China, a sedan and a hatchback are available, the local joint venture SAIC Volkswagen is responsible for their release, only the freshened four-door has been officially announced there so far.

In general, like the Russian Rapid, the exterior of the Chinese sedan was designed in the style of the Scala hatch and the European Kamiq SUV (the PRC also has Kamik, but this is a completely different model). However, when compared with our version, the “Chinese” has different optics and bumpers, the body has more chrome.

By the way, back in September, the Ministry of Industry of the Celestial Empire uploaded live photos and characteristics of the restyled four-door and Skoda Rapid hatchback. According to the documents of the certification body, the dimensions of the cars have not changed: the length of the sedan is 4512 mm, “Five-door” this figure is 4312 mm, the wheelbase is 2603 mm (the dimensions of our new liftback have not yet been disclosed, the length of the pre-reform model is 4483 mm, the distance between the axles is 2602 mm).

The interior of our Rapid is completely new, with a multimedia system rising above the front panel, moving below the air deflectors and an optional virtual “tidy”. But the Chinese model has the most significant new things in the cabin – an enlarged multimedia screen and another climate control unit. But the latter is much more modern with the “Chinese” than with the Russian liftback.

The equipment of the Skoda Rapid sedan and hatchback is also the same: both are equipped with a petrol four-cylinder “aspirated” 1.5 MPI EA211 series with a capacity of 110 hp, which is paired with a five-speed “mechanics” or a six-speed “automatic”. In Russia, the updated liftback also shared the engine range with its predecessor: it was an aspirated 1.6 MPI (90 or 110 hp) and a turbo four 1.4 TSI (125 hp), the first engine combined with 5MKP or 6AKP, the second – with 7DSG.

In China, the public premiere of updated state employees will be held shortly. A pre-reform sedan there will cost at least 71,900 yuan (about 640,000 rubles at the current rate), the price of the hatchback starts at 69,900 yuan (622,000 rubles). In Russia, a pre-styling liftback today costs from 829,000 rubles, the modernized “five-door” is promised the same starting price tag.


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