New cameras for fixing traffic violations appeared in Russia


The decision to replace tripods with mobile systems was made against the background of more frequent cases of vandalism by motorists. In addition, the devices have upgraded they are distinguished by an improved software package that allows you to receive data from both built-in and remote equipment.

The camera mounted directly on the roof of the Granta, This is the Skat-S model of Olbia, based in St. Petersburg. It is capable of capturing the speed of vehicles up to the mark of 350 kilometers per hour and operates at a distance of up to 100 meters.

To date, the total number of complexes for fixing violations reaches almost one and a half thousand. These are 1.2 thousand stationary complexes and 200 mobile ones, which include, among other things, 30 Ford Transit vans with Oscon-type cameras mounted on the roofs.

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