New 400-strong Volkswagen Golf R caught without camouflage


The exact specifications of the new Golf R have not yet been announced. Volkswagen confirmed that the eighth-generation model will retain all-wheel drive transmission and will be more powerful than the previous hot hatch with a 300-horsepower (400 Nm of torque) turbo engine. It is expected that the new Golf R will receive a new power plant with two turbochargers and electric supercharging – the petrol Audi S6 uses a similar architecture for the American and Asian markets.

Probably the hottest version of the Golf R Plus will acquire a 400-horsepower (450 Nm of torque) 2.0 engine and will compete with the Mercedes-AMG A 45 S. For such a hatchback, the 4Motion four-wheel drive with drift mode and electronic imitation of the XDS + cross-country self-block is announced . The model will be guided by the 2014 Golf R400 concept.

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