NASA asks manufacturers for help


10 Feb 2020

As part of the “Artemis program”, automotive and space specialists will develop a new lunar rover – a vehicle for astronauts

One of the goals of the “Artemis program” is the return of people to the surface of the moon, with the “first woman and the next man to land there: the official statement of the goal reminds us that men have already been to the moon. However, in order to increase the effectiveness of the studies that will be Astronauts do, they need autonomous transport.

It is in this area that automobile companies should prove themselves. NASA has already sent inquiries to the headquarters of industry leaders with a proposal to think about what the new lunar rover and robots would help astronauts. It is assumed that the new lunar rover will be designed for several people and will receive an open cockpit (that is, it will have to be moved in spacesuits).

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