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thirty Dec 2019

The independent German Institute of Center of Automotive Management (CAM) ranked the automakers’ innovation rating. The first place in it was awarded to the Volkswagen group

The CAM study is based on an analysis of 1300 types of technical innovations. Data on them was processed in 2018–2019. The consolidated list was compiled after evaluating the performance of 42 automobile groups and 96 brands from Europe, Japan, the United States and China – it summarizes data on 2500 innovations that appeared on production models from 2016 to the first half of 2019. According to the Top 20, the Volkswagen Group became the most innovative: it introduced 462 know-how, of which 73 are unique to the industry. The value of the VW contribution was rated at 466.9 points.

Special mention from CAM deserved the assistant to control the edge of the roadway on the Audi Q7, a curved display on the Volkswagen Touareg and adaptive cruise control Travel Assist on the Passat; the latest version of the MBUX complex on the Mercedes-Benz A-Class; induction charging on the BMW 5 Series and reversing assistant on the X5.

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