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If you, like us, have missed the cool car videos from Red Bull, then today is a holiday. In the new video, American rally driver and multiple winner of the X Games extreme games Travis Pastrana, champion of the Indianapolis 500 Miles Alexander Rossi and motorcycle racer Greg Duffy arranged a race on the track and performed a spectacular stunt. The IndyCar car, which was driving on the race track, simultaneously jumped over the rally Subaru WRX STI and a cross-country motorcycle.

Tricycle drift

Drifter Oliver Amon (the one who bought his Fiat Multipla from Harold hiding the pain) released another interesting video. This time he made the three-wheeled Reliant Rialto slide!

Back to the Future

Thanks to Elon McFly’s YouTube channel, we now know what the film “Back to the Future” would look like if instead of Delorean, they shot Tesla Cybertruck (which also has a steel body, by the way). It turned out very well, so if someone suddenly removes such a remake, we will not mind.


One of the most epic videos of recent weeks – a tower of trucks Volvo. Truly cars (this is not computer graphics) were put on top of each other: the Volvo FMX is at the heart of the design, which holds three more cars – almost 40 tons in total! The best stunts of Swedish brand trucks over the past few years can be viewed separately in this article.

Mini tesla

YouTube channel The Hacksmith built a very small replica of the Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck – it is half the size of a real car. She was put up for a tug of war competition against the Ford F-150 and this is what came of it.

Spectacular crash test video of two Nissan Navara – the first and third generation. The 1997 model is still being manufactured in South Africa, so the local automobile federation decided in such a visual way to demonstrate how much the level of passenger safety of the two cars is different.

Def 007

This video shows the rehearsals of stuntmen engaged in the filming of the 25th James Bond film “No Time to Die”. In these frames, they try to kill the new Land Rover Defender in various cruel ways: they lower it at a speed along the slope, make a 30-meter jump, put it on two wheels and turn it over. Spectacularly!

Almost a tank

In Canada, the Tesla Model 3 was built on a tracked track. Caterpillars were installed instead of the rear wheels, however, the car owners were afraid that the design of the car might not withstand increased loads during the descent from the mountain.


In February, a trailer for the new part of Fast and the Furious was released, which will appear on the screens at the end of May. And it will be all the same madness as before. By the way, recently one of the Honda dealers decided to arrange an unusual contest. He offered to see all nine parts of Fast and the Furious in a row, including the Hobbs & Shaw spin-offs, and was willing to pay $ 900 for it.

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