Moscow may change rates at the busiest parking lots


17 Jan 2020

In the Plekhanov Russian Economic University, they proposed to fine-tune parking prices within the existing tariff grid on the streets within the Third Transport Ring. This should help combat parking congestion.

“As in most world megacities, we propose regularly adjusting the parking tariffs on a regular basis within the existing tariff grid on the streets within the boundaries of the Third Transport Ring. To increase the share of seats with the most expensive tariff (380 rubles per hour in the afternoon), to expand the coverage area of ​​the differentiated tariff on the territory of the Third Transport Ring (50 rubles / 30 minutes, then 150 rubles per hour), ”the press service quotes the words of experts of REU named after Plekhanov. At the same time, the university proposes to reduce tariffs on some streets where the congestion of parking lots is small.

At the same time, experts emphasized that the increased congestion of the parking space is observed not only in the central part of the city, but also where there are no paid parking lots. This is due to the emergence of new points of attraction, such as restaurants and shopping centers.

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