Moscow authorities support an increase in “speed” fines


10 Feb 2020

A fine of 5,000 rubles for speeding more than 60 km / h is adequate and is not a “horse measure”. Representatives of the data center consider

“My personal opinion is that a fine of 5,000 rubles is not a horse measure. There are fiscal violations, there are violations that affect the safety of people. In this case, such speeding is intentional. It is difficult to imagine a driver who accidentally exceeded speed by 60 km / h, ”Interfax quotes the deputy head of the Center for Traffic Management (DPC) of the Moscow Government Artur Shahbazyan.

We will remind, earlier in February, the new Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin said that the introduction of a penalty for speeding 5,000 rubles would be unbearable for many motorists: “When developing the new Code of Administrative Offenses, it was proposed to increase the amount of fines for drivers for speeding to 5 thousand rubles. For many, this is simply beyond the power. “We have not yet achieved such an increase in salaries to increase fines so much.”

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