Mitsubishi L200: contender for the Auto Roku title in Ukraine 2020


The L200 model appeared in the Mitsubishi model line at the distant 1980 Rotsi. Stylistika restaylovikh L200 vitrimana in the new firmovoy style Dynamic Shield. Keys of attention – the main decision of the radiator and the optics of the head light. Remaining, before the speech, is available as a version with classic halogen lamps, so as a part of the standard one-year-old. After an hour of restyling in the salon, it’s appeared to be new kermo, it’s updated with a combination of accessories, a lot of materials and a familiar Mitsubishi Connect system.

In the arsenal of a refurbished Mitsubishi L200, two versions of a turbocharged 2.4-liter diesel engine are 154 or 181 hp, and the torque is set to 380 or 430 Nm. The gearbox is driven like a mechanical, so automatic. Offenses – 6 steps. Zavdyaki tsomu navіt at the city’s factory declares fired vitrate up to 9.9 l / 100 km. Two keys of the moment for the pickup are the installation of the key and the key, and the key is the key of the key: the key is the same as the drive system. І here L200 є why are you writing. Surround the road with a clearance of up to 22 cm, Mitsubishi will have two different options for vibration: EASY SELECT 4WD (for basic kit) and SUPER SELECT 4WD – II (for kit Intense, Instyle and Ultimate).

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