Mishustin is asked to help with fines.


5 Feb 2020

The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation was asked to postpone the introduction of the draft Code of Administrative Offenses (CAO) to the State Duma. Parliamentarians cannot restrain public anger over fines

On behalf of all the sufferers, Vyacheslav Lysakov, deputy chairman of the State Duma committee on state building and legislation, asked for help. The parliamentarian said that the proposal of the Ministry of Justice to increase fines, including for violation of traffic rules, caused a negative reaction, both from specialists and civil society.

“Given the fact that such serious changes in administrative legislation concerning the rights and freedoms of citizens and legal entities of the Russian Federation do not hasten and need a high-quality and adequate approach, I kindly ask you, dear Mikhail Vladimirovich, to suspend the deadlines for introducing the above regulatory legal acts, giving instructions on an independent scientific audit of their substantive part as a whole, ”the Autonews portal quoted Lysakov as curious, but the parliamentarian also said that he was in a hurry Decisions may adversely affect the reputation of the new government.

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