Ministry of Internal Affairs is not going to punish for twisted run


6 Feb 2020

The problem of twisted mileage when selling cars on the secondary does not belong to the field of road safety, according to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. At the level of civil law, this problem has been resolved quite

“The intention of the seller, which adjusts the odometer of the car when it is sold on the secondary market, is primarily aimed at extracting additional material benefits … The obligations of the parties arising from the conclusion of the contract of sale, including the consequences of the transfer of goods of inadequate quality, are sufficiently regulated by civil law” – said RIA Novosti in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs noted that the falsified readings of the odometer cause the main damage to the buyer of the car. Allegedly, the mileage twist does not affect road safety and does not cause harm in the field of traffic, in connection with this, actions “cannot be considered an offense in the specified sphere of legal relations”.

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