Mercedes-Benz recalls dangerous minivans in Russia


28 Jan 2020

Photo by: manufacturer

V-Class minivans sold in our country by official Mercedes-Benz dealers in January and February of last year fell under the review. The problem is in the airbags

According to Rosstandart, the problem concerns 151 copies of the V-Class, produced from January to February 2019. The reason for the recall is a defect in the front passenger airbag and a problem with its cover. “When the front passenger airbag is deployed, the plastic cover may be torn off, behind which there is an airbag. It cannot be ruled out that, due to this, the correct holding effect of the front passenger airbag will not be guaranteed. In addition, the entire cover or parts of it can be thrown out of the dashboard into the passenger compartment, which will increase the risk of injury to people in the car, ”the agency said.

All defective vehicles will be replaced by a dashboard. Repair work dealerships will perform for free. The list of VIN-numbers of defective V-Class is available on the website of Rosstandart.

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