Mercedes accidentally declassified the new E63 AMG 2021


It’s time for automakers today to get used to the fact that new products should always be hidden under layers of camouflage, even if the car has just left the assembly line and is under the roof of the factory. Not so long ago, a photo of the BMW M3 G80 leaked to the network, as spies rolled out a photo of the new Mercedes-AMG E63.

The location of the image is unknown, but it can be assumed that it was made in Germany at the factory in Sindelfingen, where the production of the W213, CLS and all three body types of the S-class, along with the Maybach S-Class and AMG GT.

The photo clearly shows the high-performance sedan, without any annoying stickers and other stuff under which manufacturers always hide their new developments. It is also worth noting that the car has new horizontal taillights, while in the current version they are vertical. It goes without saying that the same optics can be predicted for civilian versions of the E-Class.

The AMG features include a small spoiler on the trunk lid, which seems to be painted black to match the black roof. We also see a huge diffuser with an AMG-specific exhaust nozzle design.

We cannot see what is happening ahead, but, given the experience with previous models, it can be assumed that the new E63 will finally receive a Panamericana grille with vertical bars. In the end, even the A45 has one.