Mazda is working on a new automotive platform


6 Feb 2020

Mazda has patented an in-line six-cylinder engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission. Patents confirm the work of brand engineers on the design of a new platform with a longitudinal engine

Interestingly, the gasoline “six” will be the development of the four-cylinder Skyactiv-X engine, which debuted on the new Mazda3. Probably, the new power units will be combined with an eight-band automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive transmission and will debut on the fourth-generation Mazda6. It is also known that the concept of Large Architecture provides for the introduction of moderate and rechargeable hybrids, as well as all-wheel drive.

Meanwhile, Mazda for the first time announced the development of new in-line “sixes” of the Skyactiv-X line with compression-ignition fuel mixture last spring during the announcement of quarterly financial results. Interestingly, the entire line of models on the Large Architecture platform will be declassified until 2025.

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