MAZ presented the novelties of 2020 (photo)


The new MAZ trucks and buses were presented on February 6 at the territory of the Palace of Culture of the Minsk Tractor Plant, the company’s press service reported on its Facebook page. The novelty of 2020 is an all-wheel drive dump truck with a wheel arrangement of 8×8 MAZ-65262L. Minsk Automobile Plant is traditionally one of the largest manufacturers of tipper vehicles. Currently, the Minsk Automobile Plant has mastered the production of two- and three-axle dump trucks with a 4 × 2, 6×4 and 6×4 wheel arrangement, as well as 8×4 dump trucks.

At the same time, recently, more and more off-road vehicles and increased payloads are increasingly being used. Therefore, the creation of a four-axle all-wheel drive dump truck MAZ-65262L at the Minsk Automobile Plant is a completely logical decision, necessary in the face of constantly increasing competition in foreign markets.

The MAZ-65262L dump truck with a loading capacity of 36,700 kg is intended for transportation of various construction and industrial bulk cargoes to construction sites and places of extraction of sand, clay, stone, etc. on technological roads and general roads, subject to the requirements for permissible weight parameters and driving rules if they are exceeded.

The dump truck is equipped with a WeichaiPower WP 12.460E50 engine, Euro 5 environmental class, 333 kW, with a torque of 2 110 Nm. A 6-speed Allison 4500 gearbox is installed on the car. The dump truck is equipped with a U-shaped platform with a volume of 25 m3 with rear unloading, with a tailgate and an elongated visor to protect the driver in the cab when the car capsizes and from falling cargo during loading operations.

The 2019 model is presented at the exhibition venue – the MAZ-54A02K truck tractor equipped with a WP12NG 400E50 gas engine running on liquefied natural gas (LNG) with a capacity of 400 hp. with a torque of 1730 Nm.
A car can drive at least 700 km – for this, two cryogenic tanks are installed in the database with a useful total volume of 755 liters (produced by CHART: 405 liters on the right and 350 liters on the left) or 688 liters. (manufactured by CIMC).

The new tractor boasts a cab with an updated interior. To reduce the vibration load of the workplace, comfortable seats with a three-point seat belt are installed.
The upper berth of an increased length (2020 mm) is installed in the cabin, side niches for storing documents are installed behind the seats, the cabin lighting is made with LED illumination.
As standard, the tractor is equipped with an electronic stability control system, ABS and ASR.


MAZ-303266 – all the innovations of the third generation bus (photo)

The low-floor MAZ-303 bus was also presented to the general public in August 2019 on the day of the 75th anniversary of the Minsk Automobile Plant. By the way, the bus only recently returned from Kazan, where it successfully passed test operation on passenger routes.
The dimensions on the bus are optimal for the city: length – 12.43 m, width – 2.55 m, and height – 3.1 m. The cabin comfortably accommodates up to 110 passengers, depending on the configuration, of which 26 are on the seats. MAZ-303 is equipped with a turbo diesel engine of Euro-6 class from Daimler with a capacity of 299 hp In a pair is a 6-speed automatic transmission from the German concern ZF.

The bus interior is made according to European standards. Inside, it became more spacious, and in the front there were one and a half seats made with care for mothers with children, senior citizens and other passengers. Handrails are carefully thought out, plus on the central platform you can lean on a wide back. Among the interesting innovations are USB ports for charging smartphones and tablets in all rows of seats. Five heaters and air conditioning are responsible for the comfortable climate, the latter being able to work both for cooling and heating.

The attention of visitors to the exhibition, which was attended both by representatives of the Ministry of Industry and leaders of industry enterprises, was also presented by MAZ 233150 minibuses, converted at the MAZ-KUPAVA plant to meet the needs of customers. Overall dimensions of the buses: length –6000 mm., Width – 2100 mm., Height – 2800 mm., Base – 3570 mm. Passenger capacity of one of the options: 8 passengers +1 driver’s seat, the second minibus is equipped with a cargo compartment, and its passenger capacity is 7 passengers +1 driver’s seat.

In the first version, there are 5 soft seats with head restraints, an adjustable tilt back and reclining soft armrests, a folding table, an LED strip and two AC sockets, an HD monitor, USB sockets, a wardrobe with a built-in refrigerator .

The passenger-and-freight version has a side sliding door in the passenger compartment, a retractable automatic step, an air conditioner, and a retractable floor. The compartments are separated from each other by a blank transverse partition between the cargo and passenger compartments. The cargo compartment floor is sheathed with corrugated sheet aluminum with a flanging of 650 mm. A metal protective net is installed on the windows in the cargo compartment and lighting is provided.