Look at this 107-year-old Mercedes-Benz driver (video)


Mr. Newman is a good example of how to relate to life, regardless of age. Now, Joe enjoys riding around Florida on his red Mercedes-Benz SLK 320 and no one would even think what this man survived. He has two world wars, a collaboration with his late wife Sophie in a number of charity programs, as well as political endeavors – at the age of 101, he ran for Congress.

According to him, in maintaining a clear state of mind, mental and physical employment, as well as his red Mercedes-Benz, on which he rides with his bride Anita Sampton, are excellently helping. She is a little younger than Joe, this year celebrated her 100th birthday.

Perhaps someone believes that older people should not be allowed to drive at that age, but judging by the video, our hero has no problems with driving. In addition, he himself claims that with age, the driver should undergo more examinations. His own driver’s license is valid for another 2 years.