Look at the longest track Hot Wheels (video)


Pennsylvania Logistics Benesch engineers used their skills and savvy to get into the Guinness Book of Records. Armed with countless sets of Hot Wheels, friends assembled a track for 663.298 m long toy cars of the same name.

In order for the toy car to accelerate, and then, due to inertia, drive this distance without stopping, the beginning of the track was raised above the ground. During the record race, a completely new model was used, on which a miniature camera was installed. To overcome the 663-meter track, it took her 2 minutes and 52 seconds. At the finish, the speed was 13.6 km / h.

The previous record belonged to NASCAR pilot Joey Logano. A few months ago, he built a track for Hot Wheels with a length of 591.6 meters. Since Logano placed all these meters in his garage, the track was too winding and so that the car did not get stuck in turns, it was necessary to install special booster boosters. Pennsylvania enthusiasts used the natural landscape – a long descent.