Look at the Belarusian SUV for $ 1.7 million


Externally, the futuristic SUV Ramsmobile Protos RM-X2 looks like a cross between the American “Hammer” and the Batmobile. Ahead – a radiator grille illuminated by LEDs, which can be changed according to mood. The SUV rides on huge wheels set in corners, easily coping with any impassability. Access to the interior is opened by giant guillotine-type doors that rotate 90 degrees along the car body, on which rear-view mirrors are installed, which prudently fold when driving on the road. But the main “trick” of an SUV is a pair of retractable tracks with an electric drive, coming to the rescue of the wheels in the most inaccessible places.

The interior is crammed with screens, two of which are installed in front of the front passenger: one duplicates the instrument panel, the second for entertainment. The seats are borrowed from the Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe and altered to the overall style of the interior. Between the front seats, a hookah is installed on the central tunnel.

The chassis of the Ramsmobile Protos RM-X2 is original, made of composite materials. Suspension – pneumatic, providing ground clearance of 348 mm. A choice of a 6.2-liter V8 with a Chevrolet LT5 compressor, a 6.6-liter “diesel” V8 Duramax or an all-electric power plant with a capacity of about 1200 hp are offered.

The company plans to produce no more than 12 SUVs per year. The Protos RM-X2 with electric powertrain was priced at $ 1,666,666.