Life is getting better – there is a shortage of luxury cars in Russia.


25 Dec 2019

Author photo: manufacturing company

Of course, if the deficit concerned mass cars, then talking about improving the well-being of Russians could be said without a doubt, but the deficit of luxury cars also means something

True, this situation has developed only with one brand, and with a specific model. It’s about the Lamborghini and the Urus crossover. It turned out that the demand for a new Lamborghini Urus crossover in Russia was so high that the manufacturer simply did not have time to fulfill customer orders. Against this background, sales of the Italian brand in our country doubled.

“We have the opportunity to increase production, but there is no willingness to do it right now. This year, sales in Russia will double, to 126 units, in India – doubled, to more than 40 units. Sales in Italy will triple, to 200 units. Ultimately, we could increase the production of Urus in order to reduce the waiting time in those markets where the demand for this model far exceeded our expectations, ”said Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali in an interview with Automotive News.

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