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Experts of Avtovzglyad told readers, what will happen if you hang the registration plate upside down on the car. Traffic police officers certainly do not approve of such an act, but are there any legal grounds to fine the originals ?!
According to experts, some car owners specifically flip the license plate in order to avoid fines for speeding or parking that are written based on data obtained using photo and video recording systems. At the same time, in communicating with car inspectors, enterprising car enthusiasts refer to the norm of the administrative code, which states that if the number is read from 20 meters, it cannot be recognized as “non-standard”, and accordingly there should be no punishment.
For their part, traffic police officers refer to the requirements of GOST, which state that “the sign must be installed perpendicular to the length of the car with a deviation of not more than 3 degrees, and also perpendicular to the surface of the road with a deviation of not more than 5 degrees.” If the number is upside down, it turns out that the deviation from the specified parameters occurred by 175 degrees. As a result, the driver of the car with the registration plate turned upside down faces a fine of 5,000 rubles or the deprivation of a driver’s license for up to 3 months.
At the same time, experts add that inverted numbers have not been rescued from cameras for a long time, since modern complexes have long learned to read characters from any position of regznak signs. Earlier, as reported by Rambler, the traffic police announced its readiness to replace the camera tripods that record the violation of the high-speed mode with modern automatic photo and video recording systems “Cordon. Pro-M. ” New devices that are able to record the misconduct of drivers not only in stationary mode, but also from the side of a patrol car, according to traffic inspectors, will help to avoid claims on the part of drivers of incorrect operation of road cameras.
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