Lexus plans to update the lineup & nbsp


Lexus executives believe the brand is now inferior to its German competitors. Updates to a range of automaker models are required.
The company was able to carry out work to update the line of its sedans. As for crossovers, there is a slight lag behind competitors from Germany. It is with this that the direction for a fundamental update of the SUV lineup, which Lexus is now taking, is connected.
Lexus LX appeared on the consumer market in 2008 and now looks already obsolete, despite improvements and updates. Another crossover, the Lexus GX, has been manufactured by the company since 2010. There is also a lag behind its competitors in the segment. The more compact NX and RX cars look more modern, however, these models require a significant upgrade. One of the latest UX models looks more modern, but this car also debuted in 2018.
Nevertheless, one cannot say that things are going wrong with the automaker. Most recently, the company presented its first electric crossover UX 300e. In November 2019, this electric car was introduced, it will be produced for the Chinese, European and Japanese markets. The car has a solid range – 400 km without recharging, under the hood an electric power plant with a capacity of 201 hp
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