LAZ buses in the USA – an incredible collection (photo)


Lviv Bus Plant in the old days was the pride of the domestic auto industry, releasing thousands of cars annually. A unique collection called up by a former employee of the enterprise, Roman Grudinin, who lives in the United States today, is called on to tell about the glorious history of LAZ, Ukrainian Automobile reports.

The most interesting thing is that it fit not only in one building, but only in one room. What is there just no. Photos and brochures of past years are hung on the walls – moreover, there are not only buses, there is also a LAZ-690 truck crane on the ZIL-164 chassis. By the way, the same truck crane is also presented in the form of a scale model 1:43, and next to it are copies of buses of different years, including prototypes.

Real bus emblems are hung on the walls, including those with the name of the models: “Ukraine”, “LAZ-699R”, “4207”, “ElectroLAZ”, “NeoLAZ”, “Tourist”, etc.
No less interesting exposition in glass cabinets is all kinds of reference books on models of a given period. In a special frame, under the glass there are commemorative medals, badges and postage stamps with the symbols of LAZ.


LAZ buses of the early period on unique photos

And on the table in the center of the room is a model of the Lviv Bus Plant – with workshops and the surrounding area. Moreover, there is a rack on which there are elements from the driver’s cab – the instrument panel, steering wheel and much more. An interesting detail: on the front door of the meeting room there are plates from the doors of the offices of the Lviv Automobile Plant.