KAMAZ patented something unmanned


eleven Feb 2020

According to the documents, this is a tub-free autonomous truck, and in appearance it is some kind of expressionless trailer. However, domestic innovative technologies are often unpretentious in appearance

Due to the lack of a cab, the truck looks unusual – a rectangular body on a biaxial chassis, with low ground clearance, round headlights and taillights, as well as a ventilation grill. There are no details about the power plant, except that it is electric.

It is curious that the design of the new product from KAMAZ is vaguely reminiscent of the unmanned Volvo Vera tractor, which since June 2019 has been transporting containers from the logistics center to the sea loading port of Gothenburg. Such trucks move in a string along a given route at a speed of up to 40 kilometers per hour. All of them are united in a single network, connected to a cloud service and controlled by operators remotely.

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