“Kalashnikov” checked whether the gas tank can explode from shots


The Russian Kalashnikov concern conducted its own experiment to check whether a gas tank could explode from shots in real life in the same way as in Hollywood films.

As an analogue of the gas tank, the authors of the experiment used metal canisters with a volume of 10 liters – they are completely identical in properties. One of them was filled with gasoline, the second with diesel fuel, the video of the experiment itself was published on the Kalashnikov YouTube channel.

For the purity of the experiment, shots were fired both in the upper part of the canister, where there were fuel vapors, and in the lower, where the fuel itself was. They shot at canisters from a distance of about 50 meters with bullets of three different types. Oddly enough, no explosion or fire occurred, and the only damage that the cans did to the canisters was to pierce them through.

After that, the authors decided to complicate the experiment and changed the bullets to rifle bullets with a large caliber of 7.52, one of the bullets was armor-piercing incendiary. In the latter case, during the firing of such a bullet at the top of the canister, an outbreak occurred for a moment, but there was no fire.

But “Kalashnikov” still managed to repeat the Hollywood scene with ignition – the authors of the experiment placed an exploding target in the place of the shot on the canister. According to them, this is the only option to achieve ignition due to a shot.

In November 2019, Kalashnikov introduced an electric cafe-racer type motorcycle equipped with a 68-horsepower engine. In addition, the concern also has electric cars – in July 2019 they showed the modernized compact city car “Ovum”. Its cruising range is 150 kilometers and a top speed of 80 kilometers per hour.

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