Jaguar Land Rover taught seats to simulate walking


British concern Jaguar Land Rover introduced Morphable technology – a seat that creates the illusion of a leisurely walk. The technology developed by the body interior research department is a system of tiny electric actuators integrated into the seat, which, using micro-changes in the surface topography, imitate the rhythm of walking. Such a “walk” will save the driver and passengers from diseases associated with prolonged sitting.

According to the developers, British drivers drive 235 km on average per week, and according to statistics, more than a quarter of the world’s population leads a sedentary lifestyle, which entails a number of health problems, ranging from back pain to muscle weakness.

This is not the only Jaguar Land Rover development aimed at increasing comfort and improving the physical well-being of car owners of the concern. Previously, the company introduced motion sickness control technology, endowed its vehicles with the ability to fight bacteria that cause flu and colds, and taught them how to improve driver mood by automatically changing settings for the air conditioning system, multimedia system, and ambient lighting.