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Among the cars, the production of which will cease in the near future, there are many famous and even iconic ones.

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Models come and go. Yesterday’s best sellers are getting obsolete, and new ones are replacing them. Sometimes there is simply no money for a new generation, and the model leaves the market. There are many reasons why models disappear from the market. This year there are too many in the farewell list.


Audi TT was a very interesting and stylish model, from which they even wanted to make a 4-door coupe. But it didn’t. We hope that soon an electric sports car will take its place.

Audi A3 Cabriolet enjoyed low demand even in southern countries. Overall sales A3 in recent years have been declining.


End of an era Gran Turismo? Two cars of a class are derived from the company’s lineup: BMW 3rd series Gran Turismo and 6th series Gran Turismo. Buyers are much more interested in the cross-coupe, which are many in the lineup of this automaker.


The brand Buick gets rid of sedans: strangers to the Russian buyer leave Cascada and Lacrosse. Their sales were negligible, and the cars themselves were boring, according to American auto journalists.


The brand Cadillac updates the lineup, getting rid of Cts, ATS, XTS and CT6. Cts and ATS will be replaced by CT5 and CT4 respectively. To replace XTS the company, unfortunately, has nothing. It is surprising that they are also being removed from production along with the closure of the plant CT6.


Company Chevrolet surprised even more, deciding to stop the release of electric Voltas well as a hybrid version Malibu. Disappeared as well Cruze and once legendary Impala.


The company decided to get rid of the hatchback Fiat 500, convertible and electric version 500e. Only versions 500 remainX and 500L. A relative of Mazda leaves too MX-5 – FIAT Abarth.


Partially withdrawn from the Russian market Ford also thinning out the lineup, getting rid of unclaimed models. This year was officially the last for Ford Flex, Fiesta and Taurus. Their place will be taken by crossovers and SUVs.


Company Hyundai discontinued Santa Fe XLknown in Russia as Grand santa fe. It will be replaced by a new model – the Palisade, which we wrote about.


There are losses in the lineup Infiniti. The automaker gets rid of unclaimed crossover QXthirty and Q70 – the largest sedan in the lineup. That is, Infiniti there is no more flagship sedan, and the crossover becomes the leader of the brand QX80.


The company gets rid of the flagship Jaguardiscontinuing model Xj and announcing her replacement for a similar, but electric.

Mercedes Benz

Who with what, and MercedesBenz says goodbye to the model MercedesAmg SL 63. But in the lineup remain SL 450 and SL 550. So-so replacement, but environmental standards dictate their will. So far, however, you can still buy MercedesBenz S 63 Cabriolet and Amg GT Roadster.


Cars Lincoln new to Russian motorists, so mourn the passing crossover MKC we will not, especially since it will replace Lincoln Corsair – A more modern and technological model.


Company Nissan will stop the release of three models – roadster 370Z (coupe remains), hybrid version of the crossover Rogue (XTrail) and hatchback Versa Notewhich will replace the sedan Versa.


This brand is leaving the gasoline version of the model. Fortwo. Only electric cars that are not popular in Russia will remain.


Prius C – The cheapest and most boring version of the model, featuring tiny sizes. Its place in the lineup will take the Toyota Corolla Hybrid.


Company Volkswagen gets rid of illiquid assets – models for which demand does not justify their release. To this day, cars have become Beetle, Golf Sportwagen and Golf Alltrack. The generational change of Golf was not without consequences. The novelty, in addition to the standard one, will be sold in only two versions – Gti and Golf R.


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