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25 Dec 2019

SUVs are called the second largest carbon dioxide source in the world. This is of serious concern to global researchers, so much so that there are already speculations about the limitation of sales

The UK Center for Energy Research (UKERC) published its annual Energy Policy Review, which cited the popularity of crossovers as one of the main reasons for the increase in carbon emissions in the transport sector. According to UKERC, the government should take immediate action and limit the sale of full-size cars.

At the same time, UKERC notes that the trend is not unique to the UK. For example, the international energy agency estimated that since 2010, the number of crossovers on roads has increased by 60 percent. They are the second largest carbon source after the energy sector, overtaking even heavy industry and aviation. Demand for large cars sabotages the transition to environmentally friendly transport and should be taken under control.

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