Isuzu Visigo buses appeared in Ukraine (photo)


Since 2019, interesting Isuzu Visigo tourist buses began to appear on Ukrainian roads. These are middle class cars, 9.5 m long, manufactured at the Turkish company Anadolu Isuzu. The cabin can have from 35 to 39 seats. Full masa – 13 500 kg. The wheel suspension is pneumatic, the front one is independent.

Buses came to us from Turkey – the cars are not new, 2013 model year. As a power unit, a 5.7-liter Cummins Euro 5 turbodiesel with 244 hp is installed. and manual gearbox. Not so long ago, one of these machines was sold on one of the sites: the announcement stated that the package included climate control, Webasto autonomy, heated mirrors.

The copy presented for sale had a mileage of 151 thousand km. The fuel consumption is also indicated – about 18 liters per 100 km.

Recall that the buses of the Turkish manufacturer Anadolu Isuzu in Ukraine were officially presented back in 2017. However, then the Cherkasskiy Bus company introduced only urban low-floor models. This is a large 12-meter Citiport bus, as well as a 9.5-meter bus called ATAMAN A140, which they planned to assemble at a plant in Cherkassy.

Isuzu Visigo buses were also available at the Busworld Turkey 2018 international bus showroom. Cars were presented here with a Cummins Euro-6 turbo diesel. The gearbox on these machines is already automatic, ZF brand.