Is Suzuki Jimny the best SUV


Suzuki Jimny 2019 front viewSuzuki Jimny 2019 rear view
Suzuki Jimny 2019 Headlight
The headlights of the new Jimny are effectively stylized as “old”, have the same round shape. But they shine very well
Suzuki Jimny 2019 Wheel Arch
Powerful lining of unpainted plastic on wheel arches and body sills – not an option or tuning, but integral elements of a stylish model
Suzuki Jimny 2019 door handle
One of the bright “signs” of the 80s of the last century is the outer door handles under the “unnatural” grip
Suzuki Jimny 2019 door hinges
Trim hinges of the tailgate closed with plastic elements
Suzuki Jimny 2019 Radio Antenna
The antenna of the radio is located asymmetrically on the roof – closer to the starboard side of the car. The luggage rails are attached to the grooves
Suzuki Jimny 2019 door
Passenger doors swing open very wide, this makes it easier to seat both front and rear passengers
Suzuki Jimny 2019 Salon
The interior of the new Jimny is incredibly stylish. This is a true SUV, not only from a technical point of view, but also in design
Suzuki Jimny 2019 steering wheel
The steering wheel, as in the SX4 crossover, has three sets of function buttons. On the left spoke are controls for the audio system and on-board computer
Suzuki Jimny 2019 steering wheel
From the right knitting needle we control the cruise control system
Suzuki Jimny 2019 steering wheel
A separate set of buttons is designed to control a connected mobile phone
Suzuki Jimny 2019 Dashboard
Orange instrument lighting – a “reference” not only to the “Willys”, but also to aviation during the Second World War
Suzuki Jimny 2019 Dashboard
This is how the basic information looks on the screen of the on-board computer of the new Jimny. The range of the fuel flow meter is reduced very quickly: the tank is small
Suzuki Jimny 2019 Dashboard
The chassis icon is the same for all-wheel drive and downshift, …
Suzuki Jimny 2019 Dashboard
… but when choosing the second, we additionally observe the automatic shutdown of the stabilization and traction control system
Suzuki Jimny 2019 Monitor
A multimedia system with a seven-inch touch screen is similar to the Suzuki SX4 and Vitara
Suzuki Jimny 2019 Monitor
Some of the melodies from my flash drive for some reason could not be played. It turned out that the audio system does not recognize files with the extension .wma
Suzuki Jimny 2019 Salon
The front passenger has a comfortable handle in case of off-road shaking. Under it is a shelf for a mobile phone, unfortunately, a little narrow
Suzuki Jimny 2019 climate control
This is how the controls of the climate control system and other functions on the “beard” of the Jimny dashboard look like
Suzuki Jimny 2019 climate control
The indication of the “climate” setting is small, but it’s easy to get used to it. Heated front seats are also here
Suzuki Jimny 2019 automatic transmission
The Jimny submachine gun can be called archaic: it is only four-band and without the function of manual gear selection. However, claims to the box during the test did not arise
Suzuki Jimny 2019 automatic transmission
The magic overdrive shutdown button leaves the driver with only three gears and makes the small SUV very dynamic
Suzuki Jimny 2019 automatic transmission
It is possible to limit gear shifting to only second and even only first gear
Suzuki Jimny 2019 transmission control
Connecting the front axle and downshift during the test went flawlessly
Suzuki Jimny 2019 front seats
The front seats resemble sports, but they are not – they are simply comfortable. No height adjustment. Available Upholstery – Fabric Only
Suzuki Jimny 2019 front seats
To penetrate the second row, the front seats shift forward, leaving significant openings
Suzuki Jimny 2019 front seats
The right front seat can be moved forward, including with the help of such a lever located below
Suzuki Jimny 2019 rear sofa
Yes, the second row is cramped even for two riders. But as armrests they can use personal items, placing them on shelves above the wheel arches
Suzuki Jimny 2019 luggage compartment
One of the signs of a comfortable passage to the second row of seats is that a dog can easily enter it. Still not knowing about it, I prepared her a place in the trunk
Suzuki Jimny 2019 luggage compartment
The rear seatbacks fold into a flat floor, but have a hard back cover made of corrugated plastic. For a dog, it’s better to cover this surface with something
Suzuki Jimny 2019 luggage compartment
Interestingly, the rear seatbacks are adjustable for tilt, …
Suzuki Jimny 2019 luggage compartment
… but even their installation strictly vertically does not add much space for things
Suzuki Jimny 2019 luggage compartment
A regular bag with driving accessories can still be placed here, …
Suzuki Jimny 2019 luggage compartment
… but a 50-liter backpack – no way. Moreover, not all things are loaded into it that can be useful to two travelers within two days
Suzuki Jimny 2019 Pendant
The main elements of the Jimny suspension – such powerful forged arms at the front and rear – are also related to the mini-SUV with the “Willys” of the war years

Suzuki Jimny 2019 Pendant

Suzuki Jimny 2019 Bridge
Yes, he does have two continuous axles, and this is the front crankcase. By the way, there is no protection for the engine crankcase, it simply has nowhere to install
Suzuki Jimny 2019 Hinges
These ball joints make Jimny look like a Land Rover Defender
Suzuki Jimny 2019 engine compartment
They say that there would be a diesel … And you try a one and a half liter 106-horsepower gasoline engine on the roads and tell me at what point you will not have enough traction
Suzuki Jimny 2019 engine compartment
The battery here is not small, but VERY small. It was enough for a frost in the range of -10 degrees, but what will be more severe in winter?
Suzuki Jimny 2019 engine compartment
The washer reservoir is quite suitable in volume for our not-so-clean roads: it includes about 4 liters of “non-freezing”
Suzuki Jimny 2019 front view
We storm the “calibrated” gully …
Suzuki Jimny 2019 rear view
… in opposite directions. Most crossovers, even with all-wheel drive and independent rear suspension, easily hung wheels here, …
Suzuki Jimny 2019 rear view
… however, I did not succeed in achieving this from Jimny. In addition, the engine traction and coupling properties of the tires were enough for him even without the help of all-wheel drive
Suzuki Jimny 2019 front view
Maybe the dirt will help stop the small Japanese “tank”? Not at all: we got out of here without turning on the lowered row
Suzuki Jimny 2019 front view
And here, the “lowering” and disabling ESC are still needed. And no wonder: under the wheels was a stream
Suzuki Jimny 2019 side view
Forgive me the motorists who stalled here: to complicate the tests of Jimny, I pulled out a bunch of dirt they chopped from the mud
Suzuki Jimny 2019 front view
Someone hit a new track in the field. I wonder where she leads? Jimny and I boldly move along it, confident that we can always turn around
Suzuki Jimny 2019 front view
As a result, the track laid by SUVs led us to a hunting ambush. I did not immediately guess what kind of hut this was, but the dog told me

Suzuki Jimny 2019 side view Whole photo shoot

Universal, multifunctional things are usually called dual-use things. Suzuki Jimny also gives the impression of a sort of “universal soldier.” Where is he best served?

The military style is flawless. The new Jimny looks like a real men’s toy. Quadratic body shapes, round headlights in the “old days” (by the way, they shine perfectly at the same time). In the outlines of body panels, Willys, Kubelwagen, and amphibians are guessed. And the gray-green color – one hundred percent hit on target. It is he who, I think, will be the hunt for buyers, others – “lime”, sand – are cute, but the real Jimny should be in the colors of a soldier’s jacket. Or it will be a little not real.

What is there just …

This is a rare car, if you evaluate it in terms of the type of vehicle. There are fewer and fewer such genuine SUVs. Gradually, they all “glamorize”, acquire a pleasant to the eye, but still averaged outlines. The new Jimny drove in the opposite direction. Even further than the US-Italian Jeep Renegade. This crossover flaunts elements of the “Jeep” style, while Jimny – the whole style, in its entirety. No compromise, no conformism. He declares the right of the owner in any place and in any society to appear in boots-berets, camouflage trousers, a jacket-bomber, a huge indestructible watch and with a waterproof and shockproof smartphone in his hands. What others will think, what relatives will say, it doesn’t matter, in the end, you sometimes need to allow yourself to be the way you want to see yourself, in a guise that is pleasant and comfortable for you.

And close ones, of course, make compromises, one by one. If a man’s military-style outfit corresponds to Jimny, then, tell me, put on a woman for a weekend trip to the shopping and entertainment center? Not everyone agrees to put on camouflage and rough skin, and sophisticated outfits with this car and a similar husband do not harmonize well. Well, outfits. And where are the children to be planted? Ah, the small four-wheeled “soldier” is almost inferior to the B-class sedans in the width of the space behind, but it is hard to believe in this. And even if the children are accommodated, there will definitely be nowhere to go for purchases. Products – if only the daily supply. You can safely forget about loading in Jimny household appliances, sports equipment or building materials.

Unique car! I interrupted my acquaintance with his previous generation, even without really starting it: because I couldn’t fit normally behind the wheel. It seemed that there was very little space there. And now for some reason it was enough, and with a margin, although over the years I certainly have not lost weight, but rather. But now – sat down and satisfied. The door slammed – and she did not press me so that it became unpleasant or uncomfortable. Yes, the steering wheel would raise a little higher. Or bring the seat closer to the floor, otherwise the knees are too close to the steering column. The steering wheel here, by the way, is only adjustable in height. But even if you sit behind it as conveniently as possible, that is, moving slightly back, in the left place in the second row I have enough space for my knees (with a height of 182 cm): about 20 cm.

Passenger doors swing open as wide as possible, almost 90 degrees. This makes landing forward comfortable, and facilitates penetration into the back row. To do this, push the front seats forward as much as possible. These are the passages! I recall how I tried to persuade my dog ​​to get into the second row of seats in the three-door Jeep Wrangler of the previous generation. Having tried it, the dog no longer wanted to squeeze into this gap. And at Jimny she slipped back easily and willingly. Well thought out system. Add that the front passenger seat is equipped with a small handle that resembles a pedal. It is needed in order for the right rear passenger to be able to push the seat forward with his foot and get the opportunity to get out of the car.

Measuring the interior with a tape measure, I found an interesting point. In the rear of the car, it is slightly wider than in front: 132 cm versus 126. True, the back is the distance from wall to wall, the width of the sofa cushion is only 96 cm. Yes, and again: the parts of the backrest are not only easy to fold, but also adjustable in angle. They can be installed vertically, but this will practically not add volume to the microscopic trunk of an ultra-compact SUV. Behind the seats, a solid brand-name emergency kit came with the car. Next to him, I tried to put a packed 50-liter backpack to the top, but it turned out to be too puffy for the 85-liter Jimny trunk, and the compartment door did not close.

Suzuki Jimny has remained one of the now rare rare SUVs with a frame structure and continuous axles in front and rear. His pendants are thus dependent, with powerful forged trailing arms and springs. A similar design is offered by the UAZ Hunter, Jeep Wrangler, and Toyota Land Cruiser 70, which is not available in Russia. For the Lima 4×4 and Chevrolet Niva models that are close to Jimny, the layout is slightly different: supporting bodies and independent front suspension.

Thus, we can say that the trunk, as such, is not in this car. Why isn’t there yet? Is the “universal soldier” equipped in Spartan style? No, in general, he lacks only parking sensors and a rear view camera. Although the rear “envelope” is tracked very easily. The upper part of the spare wheel is clearly visible in the tailgate window – this is the “limit” of Jimny. In the event of an unsuccessful maneuver, you will first run into an obstacle with a spare wheel, so that the body panels will not suffer, and the obstacle itself will also suffer minor damage. But in general, a small Japanese is famous for its dimensions that are convenient for crowding city parking lots and high nimbleness – the turning radius is only 4.9 m. It has an ultra-short base, light steering wheel and virtually no overhangs.

But still – what do we have in equipment? The list of airborne equipment is not so modest. Heated front seats – there is. Climate control for the front “zone”, cabin air filter, power windows, central locking, stabilization and traction control – too. The instructions even describe such systems as lane control and recognition of a number of road signs, but they were not found in the test configuration. But there was a multimedia system with a seven-inch touch screen – the same as in the Suzuki SX4 and Vitara, with similar functionality.

And everything in the interior is united by expertly imitated military style. Everything is subordinate to him. Instruments with orange backlight send not only to cars, but also to aircraft of the Second World War. Everywhere, typical for military technology punching and various design elements. Their number, of course, does not reach the Jeep Renegade and Wrangler, but strives for better examples. And at a price, Jimny is between them and the Russian compact SUVs Lada 4×4 and Chevrolet Niva. Only if the interiors of the latter are assembled with pine wood and are deliberately simple in order to reduce costs, Jimny does not save. He stylizes and mimics – and does it exceptionally well. Here, the simplicity of the elements is not a sign of cheapness, but part of the image. And all this stylization is also qualitatively assembled.

Buzzing, brothers, buzzing …

I won’t be overwhelmed: I fell in love with Jimny from the first meters of the trip. Yes, I was warned that it is not too dynamic and at high speeds the transmission buzzes. Well, let. For me, this is not a drawback, but, again, part of the image. In addition, the “boxed” howl is far from being as strong as in the Russian all-wheel drive Lada. And trim elements much less rattle on bumps.

And the lack of dynamics in the city is not so noticeable. You can leave the traffic light first, if you catch the moment the other drivers turn on the green signal. With the “mechanics” it would be even better, but the machine here is not so “braking”. Someone is confused by the number of his “ranges” – there are only four of them. So what? Does the “old age” of box construction bother you? Lack of manual gear selection? Yes, he is not here. But on the selector lever there is an overdrive shutdown button, which magically improves the dynamics of a small SUV in city traffic. Maybe it seemed to me, but, according to the sensations, when this button is pressed, the transition to the last before the higher step is faster than with kick-down. But to the credit of kick-down, I must say that the increased speed at which the engine goes at this moment – about 4000 – hang for quite some time.

Or maybe you think that all Jimny is a relic of the past? That such cars should not exist for a long time, and to hell with this stylization and primitivization – modern active and passive safety systems are more important than a brutal image? Well, that means you didn’t “cut through” one of the main features of Jimny. This car is not driving for you. It gives you freedom of action, the right to be yourself, the ability to realize your skills and driving skills. Jimny is an honest serving servant, one might even say a faithful dog. He will not think for you and make decisions that are right from his point of view – he will provide this to you.

But then you do not have to doubt whether this or that ingenious electronic system will react to weather changes, road conditions, visibility. Does he recognize an obstacle ahead in order to slow down in time, whether the surface under the wheels will find it slippery enough or not yet. At Jimny and ABS it works with a slight delay. And the rear brakes are drum. And exchange rate stability on the track is poor. A speed of more than 110 km / h is uncomfortable to maintain, there is a spontaneous steering of the car. Therefore, the cruise control, fixed at this point, does not give pleasure, it seems that the car is traveling faster than you have time to control it. And fuel consumption does not decrease, amounting to about 10 liters per hundred. When driving without a “cruise” theoretically, you can meet the nine.

While the car is clean and the weather is dry, the view from the driver’s seat is excellent, although the windshield is visually very small. Outside mirrors are simply gigantic. But in the rain and slush the door windows are very quickly and densely dirty, gluing additional deflectors would not hurt here. In addition, the upper parts of the side windows and the windshield tend to fog up, and it is not easy to deal with this phenomenon even with the help of an air conditioner.

Динамика? Да, далеко не блестящая. Данные о разгоне Jimny с места до 100 км/ч нигде не приводятся, думаю, меньше, чем на 15 с, водителю рассчитывать не следует. То же и с ускорениями при обгонах, то есть, с 80 до 120 км/ч. Скорость легко определить по звуку: после достижения 100 км/ч трансмиссия начинает заметно гудеть, и с дальнейшим ускорением подвывание нарастает.

В силу невысокой динамики обгоны надо тщательно просчитывать. Но важнее всего следить за качеством покрытия. Потому что при попадании на скорости в выбоину или на острый бугор маленький внедорожник может очень лихо «станцевать» задней осью в сторону. Если гнать по ухабистой грунтовке, эти «танцы» будут повторяться один за другим. Подвеска любые ухабы просто игнорирует, пробои исключены, хотя по мнению владельцев предыдущей версии Jimny автомобиль стал мягче. И на руль удары почти не приходят, поскольку их нивелирует специальный демпфер механизма, хорошо заметный, если заглянуть под передний бампер автомобиля. И «козлить», то есть, раскачиваться в продольном направлении короткобазный Jimny совершенно не склонен.

А что он творит на бездорожье… Это просто песня. В первую очередь, загоняю его в знакомый «тарированный» овражек. Сколько кроссоверов здесь перебывало — и каждый на перегибе склона с легкостью вывешивал одно из колес, демонстрируя во всей красе «потроха» подвески. От Jimny я этого так и не дождался. Да, иногда ESC стрекотала, возвещая об ухудшении сцепления одного из колес с земной твердью, но отрыва видно не было ни разу. Точно так же ни одна траектория преодоления склонов не вызвала остановки автомобиля, все маневры здесь были успешно завершены. Этому способствовали уменьшение длины автомобиля на 50 мм (до 3645 мм) и значительные углы въезда и съезда, соответственно, 37 и 49 градусов. Пожалуй, только в одном случае я перестраховался и сдал назад — когда мне показалось, что внедорожник слишком сильно накренился влево. Скорее всего, при взгляде со стороны крен был совсем не опасным, но сказать мне об этом никто не мог.

Успешно опробовав по пути систему помощи при спуске с холма (она активна только при включении полного привода), я переместил Jimny ко второму препятствию: грязевой колее, по которой не раз пробирался на собственном полноприводном пикапе. Jimny здесь понадобилось лишь подключение переднего моста. Но рядом обнаружилась более глубокая колея, поперек которой промыл себе русло тоненький, но заметный ручеек. Кому-то преодоление этого места далось непросто: в грязь была накидана целая охапка хвороста. Каюсь перед теми водителями, что буксовали здесь: это я вытащил все ветки до единой и сложил их рядом. Мне хотелось усложнить задачу Jimny, заставить его хотя бы намекнуть на закапывание. Не удалось. С полным приводом он лишь чуть-чуть заартачился, но прошел, на понижающей передаче преодолел место играючи.

После этого мы двинулись по совсем уже не знакомой колее через поле. Тут колею явно прокладывала тяжелая техника, как минимум, УАЗы. Интересно, что местами следы колес расходились, отдельные «точки», видимо, оказывались для машин непроходимыми, и водители делали объезды. Мы с Jimny двигались, что называется, напропалую, то ныряя в лужи с неизвестным дном, то вползая на небольшие подъемы. В уме я постоянно держал мысль о сложном развороте, если под конец пути окажется нечто совсем уж непроходимое. В самом крайнем случае мне предстоял примерно трехкилометровый марш-бросок в деревню за автомобилем-помощником.

Нет, в итоге ни разворота, ни помощи не понадобилось. Полевая колея завершилась у охотничьего шалаша-засидки. На кого здесь охотились — на кабана, косулю, глухаря? Это так и осталось не выясненным. Но главным было другое. Во-первых, маленький, но настоящий внедорожник Jimny с легкостью добрался до этого места, преодолев довольно-таки тяжелую дорогу. А во-вторых, в силу скромного размера его было бы нетрудно замаскировать, если бы мы с собакой действительно приехали бы сюда охотиться. Да и без маскировки обошлось бы, ведь с «защитным» цветом дизайнеры модели угадали как нельзя лучше.

И снова, вспахивая полевую колею, как на маленьком тракторе, я признаюсь себе в том, что влюбился в Jimny еще больше. И радуюсь тому, что мне довелось вживую опробовать этот автомобиль, в том числе, вот в таких суровых условиях, можно сказать, в боевых. Как жаль, что городские тесты, предлагаемые дилерскими центрами, не предоставляют таких возможностей.

А потом наступила зима

Произошло это, как у нас часто бывает, совершенно неожиданно. Только накануне Jimny маскировался в поле на фоне практически зеленой травы — и вот за ночь превратился практически в сугроб. Чищу его щеткой, начиная с крыши, хоть это и не обязательно: мощные желобки по ее краю при открывании дверей не дадут снегу неожиданно насыпаться вам за воротник.

Казалось бы, снег и полтора десятка километров практически не чищеной местной дороги — отличные поводы для дополнительной оценки автомобиля. Так и выходит. Jimny сразу демонстрирует отнюдь не «зимний» характер. Если по грунтовке он добрался до шоссе весьма уверенно, то затем заставил поволноваться, даже серьезно понервничать.

Что сыграло наиболее отрицательную роль? Уверен, что шины. Модель BF Goodrich хоть и имеет на боковинах «зимние» значки, со снегом и льдом совершенно не дружит, в гораздо большей мере она рассчитана на грязь. Так что на заснеженной дороге маленький внедорожник отчаянно скользит и «разматывается». Чуть добавишь «газ» или, наоборот, резко сбросишь его, как мгновенно ощущаешь начало заноса. И если на местной дороге еще можно задействовать на малых скоростях систему полного привода, то на федеральной трассе так ползти — только всем мешать. К тому же быстрее дождешься, пока снег уберут или он сам растает.

Кроме шин, конечно, играют отрицательную роль короткая база и малый вес Jimny. Мне приходилось попадать в похожие условия на «Соболе» и на нашем семейном пикапе, причем, однажды он оказался даже на летней резине. И ощущения были гораздо менее отрицательными. В данной же поездке ситуацию осложняли скрытые под снегом выбоины в асфальте, а также порывы мощного бокового ветра. «Квадратичный» внедорожник очень чувствителен к ним.

Из отзывов в Интернете я узнал, что те, кто считает конструкцию Jimny архаичной, наиболее отрицательно относятся к сочетанию короткой базы и небольшой массы, называя это «взрывоопасной смесью». В теории я с ними не согласился, но на практике — наоборот. Этот автомобиль зимой способен не пощекотать нервы, а изрядно их потрепать, не продемонстрировать ранее накопленные водительские навыки, а на ходу приобрести новые, связанные с преодолением экстремальных ситуаций.

Таким образом, контраст межсезонного испытания с зимним оказался в моем случае просто разительным. Однако, по большому счету, мое первоначальное отношение к новому Suzuki Jimny не изменилось. Он остался для меня прекрасным образчиком универсального солдата, готового выполнить любой приказ водителя-командира — вот только водитель должен обладать навыками и опытом командира, умением отдавать разумные приказы и контролировать их выполнение. И еще: лучше рассматривать Jimny как второй или даже третий автомобиль в семье, предназначенный прежде всего для активного отдыха, а не для повседневного семейного использования. Как единственный автомобиль, он больше подойдет владельцу-индивидуалисту, если хотите, эгоисту. И с пассажиром на нем ездить будет сложно, и пассажиром быть тоже. Пожалуй, действительно, задние места здесь лучше использовать в качестве багажника или лежанки для верной собаки.

Suzuki Jimny комплектуется новым полуторалитровым бензиновым мотором мощностью 102 л. from. Варианты трансмиссии — пятиступенчатая «механика» или четырехдиапазонный автомат фирмы Aisin. Привод — только полный, подключаемый, типа part-time. Основные комплектации — GL с «механикой» или автоматом за 1 439 000 и 1 499 000 рублей и GLX с автоматом за 1 699 000 рублей. Более дорогая версия GLX в числе прочего предлагает легкосплавные колеса вместо стальных штампованных и светодиодные фары вместо галогенных. За доплату можно приобрести автомобиль в двухцветном исполнении — с черной крышей.

Технические характеристики Suzuki Jimny 1.5 4AT


3645 х 1645 х 1725










Р4, бензиновый




102 / 6000


130 / 4000


автоматическая, 4-ст.





РАЗГОН 0 — 100 КМ/Ч, С

n д.





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