Irish authorities to ban the sale of cars on gasoline and diesel & nbsp


By 2030, vehicles equipped with gasoline and diesel engines will not be subject to sale in Ireland.
The Irish authorities plan to introduce such a decision at the level of a law passed in the future, which will come into force in ten years. In 2030, it will be forbidden to sell and register vehicles with engines using fuel that is traditional for today. The place of vehicles running on conventional fuels should be occupied by cars equipped with electric motors.
This initiative was adopted by the Irish leadership as part of a new government strategy for climate development. The document states that it is necessary to gradually switch to environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly, vehicles. According to this strategy, the implementation and operation of vehicles running on diesel fuel and gasoline should be completely phased out in the territory of this European state by 2030.
At the same time, the Irish authorities predict a sharp increase in the number of electric vehicles on city streets. In a decade, there will be about one million copies. A more accurate figure is called – 950,000 units of equipment with electric motors. In connection with this situation, some experts predict a decrease in prices for ordinary cars. Although there are still ten years ahead and much can change.
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