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December 22, 2019

Konstantin Kinchev

rock musician group “Alice”

Konstantin Kinchev about the new album of the Alisa group, the essence of rock and roll, the experience of writing songs for movies and his attitude to cars

The mission of a rock musician is, with every song, whenever possible, to tell society something new, poignant of what he feels himself …

Ah, here it is, what turns out to be my mission, but I didn’t sleep nights, I still thought what was my mission? But do I have the right to consider myself a rock musician if I just wrote songs all my life and sang them from the stage? Maybe I’m not a rock musician at all, but pop music?

Have your capabilities changed in this regard compared to 1989, 1999 or 2009? Or are you already feeling the limitations? Can the songs remain “behind the scenes” and for what reasons or for a rock musician this is in principle impossible?

The thing is that I didn’t want to say anything to the public, I sang for those who liked my songs, and that’s all … In this regard, my possibilities have not changed compared to 1989, 1999 or 2009, I still sing for those who likes it. These people call themselves Alice Aman, for them I sing.

How much is Alice in demand? Are loyal fans listening to her, or is youth connecting too? Which fans surprise whose interest in Alice seems unexpected to you?

The Alice group is listened exclusively to AliceAmans. We are a “sect.” Culturally, not religiously. Therefore, the interest in our group not AlisAmanov is always unexpected and surprising at the same time.

You have planned concerts, the presentation of your new album “Posolon”. The translation “By the Sun” sounds very encouraging, but what does “Salt” mean to you?

“Salting” for me is a movement in the sun. This fall we released an album with the same name, with it we travel around the cities and plan, if God willing, to travel with this repertoire for the whole of 2020. From mid to late November, our concerts were held in St. Petersburg and Moscow, in Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, and we will finish the month of November 29 in Voronezh.

The leader of the Tequila-Jazz group Evgeny Fedorov does not recommend listening to energetic music in traffic jams – in his opinion, it emotionally “speeds up” the driver. What do you advise to listen to survive the traffic?

I live outside the city, there are no traffic jams. Therefore, energetic music in the car is just that for me.

Did cars or roads inspire you to write songs? What are these works? Can you tell a story, the circumstances of their creation?

No, never inspired. An exception is the “E-95 Route”.

Did you feel the moment when Russian music became more a business? How many rock musicians, in your opinion, are ready to give a free concert for their fans?

When “Russian musical art became more of a business,” I did not feel, because I do not know what Russian musical art is. I am from amateur performances. Lover, I remain. At the same time, as far as I remember, I always received money for my performances. And I get them to this day. Which of my colleagues is ready to play this way, for my fans, I can’t answer: someone else’s soul – darkness.

There is a joke-legend that when one successful director complained that he had only one famous film, the master of the older generation replied: “For an artist to remember, one brilliant work is enough.” Is a single masterpiece song enough for a musician? How does the music professional community value talent? Does the number of successful songs matter?

I am an amateur amateur. Therefore, I can’t answer how the musical professional community evaluates talent.

They say friendship in art is impossible – only rivalry.

In art, perhaps, it is impossible, in nature – completely. I’m not from art, I’m from nature.

However, are you friends with any of your colleagues? Can you advise them or accept, for example, their friendly criticism?

In nature, that the essence of rock and roll itself, friendship is ordinary and familiar, it’s like breathing.

Is your car a utilitarian thing or “friend, comrade and brother”?

For me, a car is a means of transportation. Thing.

Could you buy a car not because of technical characteristics, but only because it “looks stylish”?

It is important for me how the car looks, but the technical characteristics are more important, the most important of them is cross-country ability, speed indicators are not so important, I am not a racer.

Did you have “car consumer mistakes” when you regretted buying? What would advise readers?

No, it wasn’t, therefore I advise readers to choose a car within their means, but preferably a new one.

Do your daughters and spouse drive a car? If so, do you not think driving a car is “not a woman’s story”?

No, I don’t think it all depends on the person. This does not apply to gender differences.

Your daughter Vera has become an actress. We would not like to work together on the set or in film production, maybe in the theater. Have not received such offers?

The daughter became an actress, graduating from a theater institute, where she studied a bunch of special disciplines for four years. I have never studied this profession. Yes, and never felt the desire. Although I love the theater and admire the acting profession.

You have experience in the cinema. Don’t you think that now there is time and atmosphere in the country, when it’s time to make a film about what is happening and accompany it with your music – sharp, biting, piercing?

I starred in The Burglar, this experience enriched me: I understood a lot about acting and understood that it was not something that could capture me for life. A movie with my music … Why not? There was some experience. I wrote the song “On the Road” to the film “Admiral,” but it did not fit. For the film “Near Football”, Dima Parfyonov and I, this is the keyboard player of the group “Alice”, wrote two songs – “Music” and “Gusi”. They did not fit either. Here is my experience in cinema.

The new album is a new milestone for the musician. For you, is it more a “report” or “revelation”, an opportunity to talk with the public?

I’m actually a repeater in life. Each album is a sketch and thoughts on the theme of lived and experienced, that’s all. Dear public, this finds something for itself – thanks to her for that.

In your opinion, in what intonation does the main slogan of one of your most famous and melodic songs “Everything is in our hands” sound today?

Just as it sounded – in the affirmative.

In the garage of one of my acquaintances of auto restorers, the slogan “Everything is in our hands”, coupled with the poster “Alice” motivates him to work. What would you hang in a similar format in a garage, studio or car? What is your life motivator?

At the beginning of my life’s journey, I quoted a phrase from Nikolai Ostrovsky’s book How Steel Was Tempered. I will also subscribe with this phrase, ending the interview: “I want to live my life so that then it will not be excruciatingly painful for years spent aimlessly.” Which I wish to everyone.

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